HyperGrass Vol.1 - Wild Green (Complete Edition)

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HyperGrass is a multi-purpose collection of realistic 3D grass assets unlike any other. Create realistic fields of grass with ease and craft the perfect look you need with an unprecedented amount of flexibility, control and creative possibility.

With a unique multi-layer design and endless amounts of variation, HyperGrass will be the only 3D grass library you ever need for adding incredible realism to your artwork.

Wild Green is the first volume in the HyperGrass library. Perfect for natural landscapes such as forest floors, rolling hills, mountain ranges and man-made lawns.

Complete Edition

Wild Green is available in four editions. The Complete Edition is the entire collection of static grass models for large projects. It is best suited for independent freelancers and enthusiasts.

What's Included

  • 64 Grass Variations
  • 4 Dead Grass Patches
  • 64 Grass Combo Patches
  • Static Geometry (OBJ & FBX)
  • 3 PBR Texture Sets (4K JPEG & TIFF)
  • Example Scenes (Houdini, Maya, 3dsMax+ForestPack, Cinema4D)

UE4 Real-time Example Project

An experimental real-time demo project for Unreal Engine 4 is also included. For more info and previews: artstation.com/artwork/xzrJ42

Alternative Editions

For other content and studio licensing options, check out these other editions:

Key Features

Physically Accurate

With the aim of achieving true photo-realism, we studied the growth patterns of real grass and designed HyperGrass to be modular and physically accurate.

Wild Green includes a variety of individual grass models with proper stalks and leaves. Scatter these directly across terrain or create your own perfectly shaped clusters to quickly decorate a scene - the choice is yours.

Infinite Possibilities

HyperGrass takes 3D grass to the next level with a unique layering approach.

Wild Green is divided into 5 variation categories with gradually increasing amounts of stalk height and leaf growth.

Create entirely different styles of grass by combining and layering all the different variations to match your desired look.

PBR Textures

HyperGrass textures are PBR-ready and include texture maps for both Metallic-Roughness and Specular-Glossiness shading workflows.

Combo Patches

To help you cover larger terrains we created a variety of circular and square patches with scattered grass. Four sizes are available - 10, 20, 30 and 40cm.

Use the combo patches to easily create huge fields of background grass. Then seamlessly mix in the individual variations for perfectly sculpted close-up grass.


HyperGrass is a set of 3D models designed to work with any 3D software that supports geometry instancing.

All editions include example scenes for the following DCC's and renderers:

  • Maya 2018+ (MASH, Arnold or Redshift)
  • Houdini 16.5+ (Redshift only)
  • Cinema4D R19+ (Redshift Only)

Complete/Studio editions include additional example scenes for the following:

  • 3ds Max 2015+ (ForestPack, V-Ray or Corona)
  • Unreal Engine 4.22 (Experimental)

Examples and materials for other DCC's or plugins such as Blender, Octane, etc are not currently available, but may be added in a future update.


Please forward any questions and requests to support@vertexlibrary.com

License Details

The Complete Edition License is a single-seat commercial license for individuals such as freelancers and independent artists. The content can be incorporated into commercial media such as games, movies, advertising, archviz or similar.

The content cannot be included in any asset pack or commercially resold in any form, such as on a resource or asset marketplace. The full terms and conditions of use are in the End User License Agreement.

End User License Agreement: Download

By purchasing and using this product from Vertex Library you agree to the full terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA) linked above and agree that Vertex Library owns all legal rights, title and interest in the product and that the EULA is a license agreement that governs your use of the product and is not an agreement of sale.

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HyperGrass Vol.1 - Wild Green (Complete Edition)

13 ratings
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